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Tuesday, November 22 2022

In December of 2021, I wrote a newsletter named Questioning Science, which was about the ineffectiveness and potential dangers of the Covid 19 mRNA vaccines primarily in younger people.  With a year passing, did I get it wrong and is it time for an apology on my part? Not at all. In October, the CDC added the Covid vaccine to the children’s vaccination schedule, so it is time to Question Science once again.


Edward Dowd

Is a former executive at Black Rock who tracks health statistics as it relates to insurance companies. These statistics drives his positions in his investment portfolio. In 2022 he was reading a federal government report about labor statistics in 2021 which includes a question “are you or is someone in your home disabled”. Prior to 2021 this number hovered around five million with each report. When he looked at the data for 2021 in early 2022, he was shocked to see the number was up to thirty-one million! Furthermore, when Dowd looked at insurance company data on deaths from all-cause mortality in the second half of 2021 there also a spike in deaths among working aged people that was not there in the first half of 2021. These spikes correlate well from when the Covid vaccines became more available and mandated. In January of 2022, the CEO of One America Insurance said there was a 40% rise in death beneficiary payouts among working aged adults. This is an alarming increase and cannot be solely attributed to a lack of cancer screenings or suicide from the stress of lockdowns or even from Covid infections themselves. Not in this age group. Dowd and his partner did a deeper analysis. They went over the CDC’s VAERS (vaccine adverse reporting system) and insurance industry data and broke down the mortalities by age group.  What they found was that in 2020 all-cause mortality was higher in the elderly population, but in 2021 in what Dowd calls a “mixed shift” in all-cause mortality, it was higher in a younger population of people. In millennials, those aged 25-44, Dowd found an 84% increased mortality over the baseline of the previous five years. Specifically, he found 61,000 excess deaths in one year…more deaths than the 58,000 deaths that occurred during the Vietnam war over a ten-year period. In what Dowd describes as “the smoking gun” these statistics of death of mostly cardiovascular causes and not respiratory causes found with Covid infections indicate the problems the mandates and vaccines caused amongst millennials. Dowd also points out that funeral home stocks fell in 2022 with the expectation that the vaccine roll out would stop the pandemic and reduce deaths. Instead, Dowd said funeral homes continued to see high profits throughout 2022. This sad news reaffirmed his worst suspicions about the covid vaccines, and he states, “this is a travesty and needs to be stopped.”  Edward Dowd interview. A more recent Ed Dowd interview with Dr. Drew. His website: His book is titled: “Cause Unknown”


The following chart was part of a report by John Su M.D., PhD, MPH in a report to the CDC over a year ago in August of 2021. Looking at the red areas you can see the frequency of myocarditis in young children and adults.

While the narrative from health officials blames the rise of mortality in working aged people on a lack of medical attention due to overwhelmed hospitals, or criticisms of the VAERS reporting system, other independent statistical analysis is confirming Dowd’s statements. For instance, in Germany a large insurance company decided to look at which insurance codes doctors submitted most often for millions of people in German hospitals in 2021. Andreas Schofbeck the former CEO for BKK ProVita found that there was a high number of diagnosis’ that pertained to vaccine injury. Schofbeck notified his discovery to PEI (Paul Erhlich Institute, the German equivalent to the CDC) on February 19th, 2022, that there was a huge underreporting of Covid 19 vaccine injuries, but the information was ignored by PEI, and he was subsequently fired as CEO. Schofbeck’s data included these numbers:

10.9 million people analyzed.


According to physician billing data, 216,695 were treated for a vaccine adverse event during the first 2.5 quarters of 2021.


Figures extrapolated over an entire year for a population of eighty-three million means that 2.5-3.0 million people received a treatment for an adverse reaction to a vaccine representing 4-5% of the German people received a treatment for a vaccine injury.


Dr. Jessica Rose

Is a specialist in immunology and computational and molecular biology, applied mathematics and biochemistry. Dr. Rose is uniquely qualified in looking at the statistics in the VAERS data and Covid 19. Using a list of ten criteria called the Bradford Hill analytic method, meeting just five of the ten criteria would define a “very likely” causality relationship between a vaccine and an adverse event. The ten criteria are 1. Strength or Size 2. Consistency 3. Specificity 4. Temporality 5. Biological Gradient (Dose) 6. Plausibility 7. Coherence 8. Experiment 9. Analogy and 10. Reproducibility.


The size of the VAERS data speaks for itself with over two million reports. Another criterion is temporality. This is an expected delay after causation. A thorough analysis of the VAERS data showed that 50% of the reported side effects occurred within the first 48 hours of injection. These side effects range from Bell’s Palsy, to myocarditis, to spontaneous miscarriages to various neurological deficits and of course death. Another criterion of the Bradford Hill analytic is the evaluation of dose (Biological Gradient) causing increased harm. According to Rose, there is a four-fold increase in myocarditis in 15-year-old boys with a second dose of the Covid 19 vaccine. Another criterion is plausibility, and in Dr. Rose’s view, the spike protein, PEG (polyethylene glycol, a preservative) and the lipid nanoparticle mechanism unique to the mRNA vaccine could all be considered toxic. In all vaccines, the immune response should only be around the injection site, in this case the shoulder, but even Pfizer’s own data admits that the spike protein was in the heart, liver, spleen, ovaries, testes and brain. Another criterion is specificity to a population. Professional athletes are mostly of the millennial generation. As of March 2022, Rose reports 183 professional athletes and coaches have collapsed suddenly with 108 dying. The background rate would usually be around five deaths per year according to Rose. I found more troubling statistics. There is a study showing that there were 1866 cardiac events with athletes in a 26 year span from 1980 – 2006 (around 70 per year) and there are sources reporting as many as 683 deaths from January 2021 – April 2022, an alarmingly high increase in just 18 months. A very troubling YouTube video shows a compilation of these young athletes collapsing.


Jessica Rose interview


The Israeli Study

In May of 2022 a study from Israel’s Emergency Services was published in Nature revealing a 25% increase in cardiovascular related emergency calls in males and females in the young adult population following the rollout of the Covid vaccines. Researchers arrived at their conclusion when looking at the 16–39-year-old population statistics of cardiac arrest and acute coronary syndrome between 2019-2020 against the statistics of the time following the start of the vaccination program in early 2021. They added that their findings mirrored those by researchers in Germany and Scotland.


The Thailand Study

This study published in August of 2022 looked at 301 teens between the ages of 13-19 and measured pre and post cardiac tests such as blood troponin levels (indicating a heart attack) and EKG’s to the Covid vaccine.  The results showed seven teens with abnormal findings indicating myocarditis or pericarditis. Four of those seven cases were subclinical positive meaning they had no symptoms but still displayed positive findings. Two of the teens were hospitalized for observation. Additionally, 29% of the teens had cardiovascular symptoms such as heart racing, palpitations, and chest pain with no measurable changes. Dr. Peter McCullough a renowned cardiologist has said no myocarditis case is mild, it causes scarring, and when combined with adrenaline surges that accompany exercise, the risk for a heart attack is increased. He believes

this may explain why so many athletes may have collapsed with subclinical myocarditis since the Covid vaccine rollout.


Final Thoughts

In October of 2022, ACIP (the advisory committee on immunization practices) a 15-member committee which is part of the CDC, voted unanimously to add the Covid 19 vaccine to the children’s vaccination schedule. This means that the CDC is not just recommending but requiring that every child in the U.S. will need this vaccine to attend public school. Presently, only 3% of the children in the six mon-5-year age group have been vaccinated.


This decision was based solely on a study that showed that eight mice who were given the latest booster with the BA.4 and BA.5 variants produced antibodies. There were no human studies in children to evaluate side effects like those done in Thailand. There was no consideration for the natural immunity that the CDC themselves said 70% of school aged children had last year, and there was no discussion about why Denmark has stopped recommending the Covid vaccine for anyone under the age of fifty!


Robert Kennedy Jr. predicted the Covid vaccine would be added to the children’s schedule a year ago for the following reason. For those who do not know, all vaccines on the children’s vaccine schedule automatically have liability protection. As the pandemic wanes, the eventual removal of EUA (emergency use authorization) which presently gives liability protection to the manufacturers of the Covid vaccines will expire. Adding the Covid vaccine to the children’s schedule will allow the pharmaceutical companies to continually profit from the vaccines without fear of financial liability.


Each state’s governor will decide how to adhere to the ACIP recommendation. Hopefully, it will not be enforced any more than a flu shot but that is not the point. The potential harm with more stringent requirements could be catastrophic. Nationally, of the 80 percent of the adult population who took at least one Covid vaccine, only 33% took the third booster, and with each new booster, I expect there to be less compliance. Dr. Rose points out that in 2011 the Rotavirus vaccine was pulled for safety concerns after only fifteen cases of intussusception occurred. Intussusception is a twisting of the intestinal tract that usually requires surgery to correct. The mRNA Covid 19 vaccines have a far more perilous profile and are using an innovative technology that has never had long term safety trials.


*The CDC also enrolled ten million people in a phone app called V-safe to report injuries. The data was released in October thanks to a lawsuit against the CDC. Of the ten million people enrolled 7.7% (770,000 people) required medical care and 25% (2.5 million people) reported missing work or school because of side effects. Additionally, 40% (4 million people reported joint pain with 4% (160,000) classifying it as severe. Incredibly the CDC limited the automatic responses that could be check marked to more benign symptoms and the more serious symptoms which the CDC has yet to release had to be typed in.

*These statistics are weighted to an older population, (those with a smart phone).


In totality, there is overwhelming evidence that the CDC, the FDA, and top health officials are ignoring credible sources for a more cautious approach in who to vaccinate for this virus. The historical timeline of the government’s response to the pandemic including the recent childhood vaccination schedule illuminates how far public health agencies have at best diverged from common sense and at worst committed regulatory malfeasance. In September, Dr. Aseem Malhotra one of Britain’s top cardiologists who appeared on T.V. as a prominent advocate of the Covid vaccines came out publicly against them and urged the government to halt them. His change in opinion occurred after his father died suddenly six months after receiving the vaccine. Dr. Malhotra who had intimate details about the health of his father’s heart said that his developing two major clots in his heart made no sense. He spent six months pouring over the data and came away with the conclusion that the vaccine is “the greatest miscarriage of medical science we will see in our lifetime.”


Each parent must decide for themselves how to protect their children. However, those States who require the Covid vaccine for school age children will be met with lawsuits from organizations that I encourage everyone who sympathizes with my concerns to support. Those organizations are (ICAN) and ICAN has already successfully sued to have the FDA to officially release all the documentation submitted to them by Pfizer in a year’s time rather than the FDA’s request to do so over 75 years and successfully fought the CDC to release the V-safe data last month. Now they promise to fight with legal action every state that attempts to make this vaccine a requirement for children to attend school. There are now over 2.3 million reported adverse reactions, about 1.4 million more than I reported in December of 2021 and over 31,000 deaths compared to the 19,000 that were reported eleven months ago.


“The truth is like a lion. You do not have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.”

St. Augustine

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